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Insurance Valuation


We have more than 10 years of experience in valuating insurance values for apartments, houses, industrial and commercial buildings, special type buildings and improvements on land and farm land properties, only but to name a few. We pride ourselves in assisting large companies, government, body corporates, financial institutions and individuals with property valuation, and specifically insurance values are our forte. Too many cases exist where individuals or companies are under-insured or not insured at all. So let us assist you to keep your property portfolio healthy and well insured.


There are various factors to consider when valuating for insurance value. Insurance value is not only related to improvements and buildings but can have a serious impact on your daily income, business operations, equipment and livelihood should you not be correctly insured. It is advisable to regularly revise your insurance value yearly or when alterations or structural changes have been made.


With our highly skilled Management team we have the qualifications and experience to assist you with your all your property valuations and insurance values. Our company remains competitive in the commercial, retail, industrial and domestic sectors and we pride ourselves with the high quality of our insurance valuation reports as well as our valuation certificates throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.