ACI Project Management Services

The project manager is responsible for co-ordinating and integrating activities across multifunctional lines and must have strong communication and interpersonal skills with a general knowledge of technology being used and the product itself.

Project management is the selection and co-ordinated planning of a portfolio of the project so as to achieve a set of defined business objectives and the efficient execution of these projects within a controlled environment such that they realise maximum benefit for the resulting business operations.

ACI's project management is based on communication, cost, human resources, integration, procurement, quality, risk, scope and time management.

The company's experience in this field is vast and varies from architectural plan designs to building management, site management, project management and quality control on various building and construction sites.


  • Government and financial departments
  • Individuals
  • Private sector

Projects completed

  • Developments
  • Flats
  • Gymnasium
  • Hotel
  • Housing
  • Multi-floor buildings
  • Parliament buildings and ministerial houses
  • Schools
  • Technical training centres

Other functions

  • Bar charts
  • Bills of quantities
  • Client liaison and reports
  • Control and scheduling construction and administrative functions
  • Designing of pre-approved and approved architectural design plans
  • Lease with financial institutions
  • Managing professional teams
  • Quality control, site supervision and delegation
  • Quantity surveyance programme for residential developments
  • Site inspections, progress report and payments
  • Site meetings
  • Subcontractor progress payments, wages and appointments
  • Tenders