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Valuation Services


Valuation reports for residential, industrial, business, farming and movable properties


Valuation reports vary according to the conditions of property and client needs. The following are a few of the types of valuation options the company offers:


Valuation report

This valuation report is a comprehensive document of the subject property, with other relevant data that substantiates the value of the subject property on a specific or effective date of valuation. These valuation reports are mostly supplied in the case of investments, mortgage bonds, security, expropriation, insurance, court cases, arguments, divorce cases, special types of properties or requests by clients.


Valuation certificate

This valuation certificate indicates the value of the subject property on a specific date. The certificate consists of a one-page document with the relevant annexures. Clients mostly use this valuation certificate if the value of a specific property is needed for selling or buying purposes. A valuation certificate requires the same amount of work as a valuation report, but less administration.


Rental valuation (report or certificate)

A rental valuation report or certificate indicates the rental value of the subject property or a portion of a property on a specific date.


Capital gains tax (CGT) valuation

To substantiate the value of the subject property as at 1 October 2001 (effective date of CGT), this valuation report has various requirements. Owners who purchased their property before 1 October 2001 and sold it after this date, might be requested to hand in a valuation report at date of selling property. SARS might require a comprehensive valuation report for the property value. An owner who bought his or her property after 1 October 2001 does not need such a valuation report and a different method will be used to determine his or her capital gain or capital loss when selling the property. Different percentages of capital gains tax apply to properties and all depends on who the legal entity of a particular property is. For more information regarding the above, please consult with our offices.